All-in-one distributed energy storage system

Product Features:

EGO71K-T60 is a All-in-one energy storage system that supports the integration of mixed energy sources, including photovoltaic, the grid, and diesel generators, and can seamlessly switch between on-grid and off-grid modes.

This system is widely used in under developed areas of the power grid and in scenarios equipped with Diesel generators.

Auto Generator Start/Stop

Reliable & Flexible

System Overview and Remote Control

UPS Function

Silence Mode

AC Coupled (optional)

Technical ParametersEOP 3500EOP 5000
General Data
Rate Power3500 VA / 3500 W5000 VA / 5000 W
System DC Voltage448 VDC
Parallel OptionUp to 6 units
Monitoring OptionWiFi or GPRS
Inverter Output
AC Voltage220 - 230 - 240 VAC
Surge Power7000 VA10000 VA
Peak Efficiency93%
Transfer Time10 ms for computers / 20 ms for home appliances
WaveformPure sine wave
Solar & AC Charge
Max PV Open Circuit Voltage450 VDC
Max PV Array Power4500 W6000 W
Operating Voltage MPPT Range450 VDC
Battery Overcharge Protection60 VDC
Max Solar Charge Current80 A100 A
Max AC Charge Current60 A80 A
Dimension H * W * D4470*320*135 mm470*320*135 mm
Net Weight11.5 kg12 kg
Communication InterfaceUSB / CAN / RS485
Humidity5% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Operating Temperature0℃~50℃