EOP 3500
EOP 5000

Single-phase off-grid PCS

Best 3.5kw Solar Inverter and 5kw Solar Inverter




Technical ParametersEOP 3500EOP 5000
General Data
Rate Power3500 VA / 3500 W5000 VA / 5000 W
System DC Voltage448 VDC
Parallel OptionUp to 6 units
Monitoring OptionWiFi or GPRS
Inverter Output
AC Voltage220 - 230 - 240 VAC
Surge Power7000 VA10000 VA
Peak Efficiency93%
Transfer Time10 ms for computers / 20 ms for home appliances
WaveformPure sine wave
Solar & AC Charge
Max PV Open Circuit Voltage450 VDC
Max PV Array Power4500 W6000 W
Operating Voltage MPPT Range450 VDC
Battery Overcharge Protection60 VDC
Max Solar Charge Current80 A100 A
Max AC Charge Current60 A80 A
Dimension H * W * D4470*320*135 mm470*320*135 mm
Net Weight11.5 kg12 kg
Communication InterfaceUSB / CAN / RS485
Humidity5% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Operating Temperature0℃~50℃
Many people and places around the world are drawn to the idea of going “off-grid,” or functioning independently from the conventional electrical grid. Off-grid communities’ energy needs are increasingly being met by renewable energy solutions as people become more aware of environmental problems and seek out sustainable energy sources. These solar energy systems consist of solar panels to convert sunlight into DC electricity, and the inverters which convert that DC power into AC power which powers most electrical appliances throughout the world. Needless to say, the solar energy revolution is dependent on high-quality inverters to function properly. Smart Energy Gap is one company that is at the forefront of this renewable energy revolution.


Being a leading solar energy provider that serves both commercial and residential clients, Smart EG has built up a position as a go-to provider in the renewable energy sector thanks to their dedication to sustainability and enthusiasm for their customers’ needs. Smart Energy Gap’s success can be traced back to the company’s unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility. To protect our planet’s future, they recognize the critical importance of moving away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy sources. Each new installation is a giant leap forward in the company’s mission to make the world a better, greener place for their consumers and for future generations. Collaborating with the best inverter manufacturers, Smart Energy Gap’s solar energy solutions have attracted both homeowners and business owners thanks to their promise of dependability, efficiency, and environmental friendliness. Smart Energy Gap has been a beacon for homeowners and companies alike on their journeys toward greener energy options, helping both groups lower their carbon footprints and adopt sustainable practices. The EOP Series off-grid solar inverters stand out as the pinnacle of efficient and dependable power conversion among Smart Energy Gap’s extensive lineup of solar energy solutions. These state-of-the-art inverters provide an unrivaled answer for people who wish to harness the sun’s electricity for their everyday needs, as they are tailored to satisfy the specific energy needs of off-grid regions.

EOP3500 和 EOP5000 的关键特点和优势

  1. 1. 功率评级:

    The EOP3500 and EOP5000 off-grid solar inverters in the EOP Series are two models with excellent power ratings that can meet a variety of needs not met by the grid. The maximum power output of the EOP3500 is 3.5kW inverter (3.5 KVA), whereas that of the EOP5000 is 5 kW (5.0 KVA). Both of these models have a power factor of 1, which guarantees maximum efficiency in their use of electricity. The EOP Series inverters are revolutionary for off-grid settings with varying energy requirements. These inverters are versatile and can be used to power everything from basic home appliances and lighting to larger loads in industrial settings. With its ability to provide consistent electricity, the EOP3500 3.5kw single phase inverter and EOP5000 5kw single phase solar inverter make it possible for communities to embrace renewable energy and decrease their reliance on conventional power sources, whether they are located in a small off-grid cabin or a far-flung village.
  2. 2. 内置 MPPT:

    Significant progress in solar energy conversion technology has been made with the incorporation of a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controller within the EOP Series of off-grid solar inverters. The maximum power point tracking (MPPT) charge controller is essential for maximizing solar panel efficiency. The MPPT charge controller integrated into the EOP Series allows for precise monitoring and adjustment to the solar panels’ dynamic voltage and current output. The 3.5kw as well as the solar inverter 5kw USA is able to get the most out of the solar panels at all times, regardless of weather or solar irradiation, thanks to its dynamic tracking. In order to maximize energy efficiency and power consumption, the EOP Series successfully captures and converts each and every photon of sunshine into useful electricity.
  3. 3. 太阳能和公用事业电力的整合:

    By integrating solar and utility power, the EOP Series of off-grid solar inverters provides an intelligent and smooth hybrid power operation. The inverter can transition between solar and utility power without disrupting the flow of electricity, making it ideal for locations with variable sunlight or times of heavy energy demand. The inverter will automatically pull electricity from the utility grid to make up for the shortfall if solar energy generation is insufficient to fulfill load requirements. On the other hand, when solar output exceeds demand, the inverter sends the surplus energy back to the grid or, if batteries are present, stores it for later use. Because of its ability to intelligently combine solar and utility power sources, the EOP Series offers a trustworthy energy solution for off-grid dwellings.
  4. 4. 可扩展性和并联运行:

    The EOP Series inverters stand out because of their scalability, allowing users to increase their off-grid power capacity as required. The power output of the system can be increased and greater energy demands can be met by connecting up to six EOP Series inverters together and running them in parallel. When it comes to power needs, commercial and industrial applications can greatly benefit from this scalability. Businesses can adapt their off-grid power systems to meet their changing energy demands with minimal disruption and expense by using the systems in parallel. The EOP Series is also compatible with three-phase power systems and industrial applications thanks to its three-phase work mode. The EOP Series off-grid solar inverters, including the EOP3500 3.5kw single phase solar inverter and the EOP5000 5kw single phase off-grid inverter, are loaded to the gills with features and benefits that make them stand out as superior options for off-grid living and power generation. These cutting-edge, adaptable solar energy solutions are additional evidence of Smart Energy Gap’s dedication to environmental responsibility and customer service, paving the way for people and places to make the switch to a greener, more sustainable energy system.